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Meet Santa Dave

Santa Dave is a real natural white-full bearded, truly professional Santa Claus whose joy it is, is to bring the true spirit of Christmas and the Holidays to both the children and adults he visits year round. Santa Dave encourages adults to experience the wonderment of Christmas as a child all over again even if it is for a short period of time. Enjoy the memorable and fun experience by having Santa Dave pose for photos (take as many as you like), distribute your gifts, lead a sing along and mingle and interact with children and adults. Having trained as a Story Teller, Santa Dave can have everyone entertained with a good hearty Christmas story.


"... In a word... WOW! It was a flawless experience from start to finish and Santa Dave was just AMAZING! He understood the experience we wanted our families to have, was a true delight with the kids and made each interaction special. He was available for conference calls to prep for the event and arrived right on time as promised. ...Santa Dave was THE BEST santa they had met all year!"

Maria S.

"He is amazingly patient with everyone from crying infants to the long line of picture seeking parents and grandparents. He truly cares about the people who live in our community. Dave is unfailingly generous, kind, fun, calm, and authentic in his interactions with ever participant at this event. Anyone engaging him to play Santa will be more than satisfied. He's great!"

C. W. Executive Director

Upcoming Appearances

Since the calls for Santa have begun...Santa is now accepting Bookings for 2017....Don't delay! 

2017 SANTA  DAVE'S  SCHEDULE        Call direct or book Santa Dave on GigMasters or GigSalad

Santa's Bookings:

11/18/2017               FARMINGTON           CT                       9am - 1pm

12/02/2017               SIMSBURY                CT                        9am - 11am

12/02/2017               HARTFORD               CT                        3pm - 4pm

12/03/2017               FEEDING HILL          MA                      11:30am - 1pm

12/03/2017               WINDSOR                  CT                        2:30pm - 4pm

12/08/2017               HARTFORD               CT                       7pm - 8:30pm

12/09/2017               DURHAM                    CT                       10am - 11:30am

12/09/2017   Come visit me in person at the TIME MACHINE HOBBY! Saturday 12/09/2017 from 1pm to 3pm at 71 Hilliard Street, Manchester CT. Free and Open to The Public! Shop around this fabulous toy and hobby store, spend some time with me and pictures will be taken free of charge and emailed to you.

12/09/2017              SOUTHINGTON          CT                       4:30pm - 5:30pm

12/09/2017              UNIONVILLE               CT                       6pm - 7:30pm

12/10/2017              HARTFORD                CT                       12pm - 2pm

12/10/2017              AVON                          CT                        5pm - 7pm

12/13/2017              HARTFORD                CT                        5pm - 7pm

12/14/2017              HARTFORD                CT                        5pm - 6pm

12/15/2017              GLASTONBURY         CT                       9:30am - 11am

12/15/2017              PLAINVILLE               CT                        1:30pm - 2:30pm

12/15/2017              COLCHESTER            CT                       5:pm - 7:30pm

12/16/2017              GLASTONBURY         CT                       2:30pm - 3:30pm 
12/16/2017              S. GLASTONBURY    CT                        4pm - 5pm

12/16/2017              ENFIELD                     CT                        6pm - 6:45pm

12/16/2017              CROMWELL                CT                       7:30pm - 8:30pm

12/17/2017 Come visit me at the TIME MACHINE HOBBY! Sunday 12/17/2017 from 1pm to 4pm at 71 Hilliard Street, Manchester CT. This time I will be in the Train Department on the second floor. TIME MACHINE HOBBY has the largest train layout in New England! So come on over, visit with me, take as many pictures as you like and see this impressive train display in action! FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!
12/17/2017               PLAINVILLE              CT                        5pm - 6pm   

12/21/2017              ROCKY HILL             CT                         6pm - 8pm

12/23/2017              MANCHESTER          CT                         3pm - 4pm

12/23/2017              FARMINGTON           CT                         5pm - 5:30 OR 6pm

12/23/2017              EAST GRANBY         CT                         7pm - 7:30pm

12/24/2017              SOMERS                    CT                         3pm - 4pm

12/24/2017               BERLIN                     CT                         6pm - 7pm

12/24/2017              ROCKY HILL             CT                         7:30pm - 8:30pm



For booking information call (860) 524-5936 or

Email Me